Ingredients Your Skin Can Do Without

Mar 08, 2015 8:07      comments

The number of body care products and cosmetics most people use on a daily basis is staggering!

Shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, shaving cream, antiperspirant, body lotion, face cream, eye cream, sunscreen, mousse, hair spray, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, perfume. Imagine the chemical cocktail created by the synergy of all these fine products...

Your skin is not exactly an impermeable Wall of China, you know.

It is actually porous at the microscopic level. It’s known that skin absorbs medicine from smoking or birth control trans-dermal patches. But it also absorbs at least some of the chemicals that are in cosmetics and body care products.

Yet skincare and cosmetics companies play a savvy marketing game with phrases like "natural" and “pure” on their products, distracting most of us from reading the small print label of what is actually in there. If you do uncover the full list of ingredients, you will no doubt discover ingredients and fillers that are not only unnatural or pure, but whose safety is in fact questionable.

In her book, Super Natural Home, Beth Greer presents a shocking and appalling piece of information: "...98 percent of more than 23,000 skin care and cosmetic products on the market contain one or more ingredients never evaluated for safety by the FDA... or any other publicly accountable institution. In January 2007, California became the first state to require manufacturers of cosmetic products to disclose the presence of any ingredient known to cause cancer or birth defects. But the rest of the country has no such laws."

Consumers are getting concerned and rightfully so.

They are beginning to comprehend that it doesn't make much sense to put anything on the skin that they wouldn't put into their own body. While the skin does consists of several layers, which are grouped into the epidermis (the top layer), the dermis (next layer down) and the hypodermis (bottom layer of the skin), and which all work to shield our body in different ways from the outside world, it’s clear that there are ways and means for certain chemicals to make it all the way into our bloodstream.

Nadine Artemis, expert aromacologist, has been examining skin care labels since she was 18 years old, and has seen, firsthand, the cosmetic industry's formulation processes.

Here's her top ten list of undesirable ingredients:

1. Sulfates
2. Parabens
3. Sodium Benzoate
4. PEG
5. FD&C Colors and Pigments
6. Alcohols
7. Urea
8. Fragrances
9. Aloe Vera (problematic because of the way it’s processed)
10. Water (tap)

Nadine reminds us that "Everything that is applied to the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, circulates to our cells and mingles with our mitochondria. The skin's brilliant ability to absorb is a gift. When applying the right things, we can literally feed our immune system and skin cells... Every single ingredient matters; each drop must contain boundless, bioactive, botanical beauty. When nature provides such exquisite and effective botanicals that graciously attend to our health and beauty, why use anything artificial?”

While the market and marketing for truly pure and clean products is growing by the day, such products are still pretty rare. Most companies can’t resist putting in that tiny bit of unnatural preservative, rendering the product no longer pure. If you start reading labels you will notice that most "natural" products contain one and often many of the above list.

Since I have very sensitive skin as well as a sensitivity to legitimate products made with integrity and consideration for the consumer's well being and not just making more money, I've been on a half-decade search for the real deal when it comes to pure AND effective beauty care products. And I have found some GREAT ones.
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