This site was created to help you achieve optimal health by getting educated about and following the natural principles of health. Health is a natural system with a process and laws that must be followed just as physics and mathematics are. Achieving optimal health is based on the foundation that there are principles or laws that govern the quality of one’s health. These are just as real and unchanging as the law of gravity for example. Now more than ever, with a constant growing number of people, including young mothers and children, losing their quality of life or life itself to degenerative disease, we need to get back to following the natural laws of health.

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, MD, Master of Medical Sciences in Neurology, Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition, Author of Gut And Psychology Syndrome - Natural Treatment for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia, in her October 2013 Wish Summit interview explains, “In the last hundred years, we have changed our environment very dramatically. We have changed our food supply, we have changed how we live, the chemicals we’re taking in. The whole environment, the whole lifestyle has changed very very dramatically…and this is another reason for all of the epidemics that are increasing and increasing. So change the environment in your life. Change your diet. Your diet is the bulk of your environment, the most important part. Change your diet. Remove the manmade chemicals as much as possible out of your life. Clean up your lifestyle and you will find that the genes that were expressing disease in you before are now dormant.”

Dr. McBride goes on to explain that our genes are not our destiny. “We shape them with our behavior, with our environment that we create with our lives. And if your doctor does not understand this don’t be surprised. It is the new science of epigenetics and the medical community has not yet caught onto it… Nature intends for us to be completely healthy. So the only way for us to get back to health is to get back to nature.”

It’s time for a paradigm shift: Health is simple and we have a lot more control over it than we think we do. The Torah teaches us, demands from us, to maintain robust health and strength in order to serve Hashem fully and be able to live up to our spiritual and moral obligations.

“It is a mitzvah to conduct oneself with good habits and correct behavior in order to safeguard one’s health so that he will be healthy and strong in order to serve the Creator.”

"מצווה להנהיג עצמו במידה טובה והנהגה טובה לשמור בריאותו, כדי שיהא בריא וחזק לעבודת הבורא יתעלה." (טור אורח חיים סימן קנ"ה)

“It is forbidden to eat anything that is harmful [and that can bring to] disease, even if it is not a dangerous disease. We know this [from the verse] ‘Be exceedingly careful with your souls.’”

"אסור לאכול כל דבר המזיק לאיזה מחלה ואף שאינה מחלה מסוכנת ר"ל, משום 'ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם.”
(שו"ת דברי מלכיאל, חלק ב סימן נג)

“I think that making a natural effort to be healthy is a mitzvah and an obligation…”

"הנני חושב את ההשתדלות הטבעית במה שנוגע לבריאות למצווה וחובה..."
(קובץ אגרות חזון איש, חלק א', סימן קל"ו)

The Torah indicates a moral obligation in not remaining passive when seeing others in danger, from the verse, "Do not stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor". (VaYikra 19:16) Based on this verse, the Chafetz Chaim in Shemirat HaLashon taught that one must not withhold information which can save another from death or any type of damage. The following Talmudic teaching reinforces this principle: "Those who have the capacity to eliminate a wrong and do not do so bear the responsibility for its consequences" (Shabbat 54b).

The primary mission of this site is therefore first, to bring more awareness to the Jewish community about the dangers in our current food supply, environment and health care system. Additionally, to introduce the more natural and safer elements of true healing including the latest in cutting edge natural health technologies such as raw nutrition, herbs, sunlight, air, water, exercise, sleep, laughter, relaxation therapies, cranial stimulation, bio-frequency research, and chiropractic care amongst others. The focus of this site is true healing as opposed to just removing the symptoms through the various therapeutic modalities out there.

Wherever you are in your journey to health, we hope that you will find encouragement, inspiration and the motivation to take action here at

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