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Get with the de-program on true health and vitality through Yardena’s exciting and educational classes and health consultations!


"My family has tremendous gratitude to Yardena. She literally has helped us extend our lives (derech hateva). She opened our eyes to the consequences of the food choices we make. This may sound dramatic, but it's true: the standard American diet shortens lives and shortens the amount of time a person has the potential to feel young and vibrant. My husband and I now need far less sleep and have more energy. Yardena got us started on the road to a healthier, longer life with greater vitality and energy."
- Seri D., Passaic, NJ

I have known Yardena for many years now, both as a student and as a friend. She is a dedicated lifetime student of health, always on the look-out for new ways to help people gain their goals of health and beauty.
- Shoshana Harrari, Health Educator and Counselor, Author of Seven Healing Fruits of Israel and Garden of Spices. Ramat Raziel, Jerusalem

“I learned so much from Yardena's Raw and Real Food class. I had always thought that eating this way would not taste very exciting but I couldn't believe how great the food tasted and how good it made me feel. I"m officially in love with salads!"
- Malka K., Jerusalem, Israel

“I have been working on diet changes for several years one step at a time, including going to OA. Learning more about what real health is all was so helpful inspiring and mind opening. There's a lot of un-learning taking place in Yardena's classes as far as cooking, eating and living and I LOVE how I feel as a result!
- Elisheva W., Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

“Thanks to my Mom I have always loved eating fruits and vegetables and ate very little processed food and junk. I’m 15 years old and do not have a problem with my skin or weight and I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever been sick in my entire life!”
- Batsheva Slater, Jerusalem, Israel

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