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Welcome! Get energized, release those pounds, prevent disease, look and feel years younger - no counting, measuring, weighing or starving necessary.

Did you know that how you feel and look affects much of what you do from working to taking care of your family, to praying, to living your best life?

It’s hard to believe the Creator would make it complicated for us to be healthy, after all we’re not here just to work on body maintenance - we have a mission to accomplish, right? Well, health is actually quite simple! However with the food industry spending billions of dollars trying to convince us that processed food is good for us and the medical industry treating symptoms of disease while virtually ignoring root cause, nutrition and prevention, the simple seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Millions of people are spending their life exhausted, depressed, fat, sick and dying. Are you one of them? Because you don’t have to be. Just as we figured out a few decades ago that smoking caused cancer, we now know that you can prevent or even reverse hundreds of the most common diseases of our times, including heart disease, obesity, strokes and many forms of cancer.

The Torah and our sages have emphasized the safeguarding of one’s health for generations. Common sense and select brave medical doctors, natural health care providers and researchers are also showing us the way back to health, our birthright. All it takes is to get back to the source – the simplicity in the principles that govern our health - clean fresh food, plenty of clean water, sunshine, sleep, relaxation, movement and a positive attitude. The biggest obstacle seems to be finding this out.

We might be living life longer today but for a lot of us, our quality of life has spiraled leading to an emotional and spiritual decline. We don’t need more prescriptions for more medications. What we need… is a Prescription for Life!

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